Medical Affairs

Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics has created this website as a tool for healthcare professionals in the United States. The information presented on this platform is solely for informational purposes and is not meant to advertise or endorse the use of any particular product.

Grants and Research Opportunities

Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics offers grants to support investigator initiated research (IIR) and educational grants.


Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics will consider IIR funding requests for legitimate, scientifically rigorous, clinical and pre-clinical studies and research where such research is (a) conducted by qualified grant recipients and (b) is intended to provide valuable scientific and clinical information, improve medical care, or provide other benefits to patients.

Submit an IIR grant request by emailing the address below:

Medical Education Grants

Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics will consider funding requests for Educational Grants to support legitimate Independent Medical Education in order to further knowledge about relevant disease states and therapeutic areas.‍

There is no specific application form but would ask that you draft a proposal which addresses the following elements:

  • Background on the organization and their experience in conducting medical education events
  • The specific medical educational proposal including the intended audience, agenda and proposed speakers (if available)
  • The specific financial request with details regarding how the funds will be spent and the total budget for the entire event
  • A specific contact person and contact information

Submit a medical education grant request by emailing the address below:

Antibiotic Powder Requests

If you are interested in obtaining antibiotic powder for microbiology studies, please send a brief proposal via e-mail to ‍

Request Medical Information

To speak to a Innoviva Specialty Therapeutics Information Professional, please visit our Contact page.

Report a Product Complaint

To report a complaint about an Innoviva Specialty Therapeutic product, please visit our Product Complaint page.

Report an Adverse Event

To report an adverse event with an Innoviva Specialty Therapeutic product, please visit our Adverse Event page.